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Sacred Pearl Woman/ Karma/ Perspective/ Emergency/ Live To Live/ Pendulum/ Queen Of Darkness/ Ghost Lady/ How Much Can I Take/ Nut To Crack/ A song by Alanis/



I'll never forget the place that I came from

Told that I was dumb

Force fed pills that made me numb

I was medicated and sedated

Till I faded into a jaded


Maimed and restrained

By the lady that named me

I was supressed and opressed

For seeing beyond the arrows

They aimed and shot at my ass

Although they often tried to trick me with words

I felt the vibrations bubbling between the adjectives and verbs

As a mystic in a world of critics

This life is a strange place

So I'd find my mind

Operating outside

Of time and space

I was dissed for my gift

Was given canned peas for Christmas

So I became pissed

And rebelled

Since I was already programmed

To think I was going to Hell


That was yesterday

And today is today

And now I'm evolving


The neuro coding

in my mind

And I find that I'm


With a need to express

With an urgency

Like it's an emergency

Gotta do before I die

Why lie

I'm not gonna make it to thirty-five

As I project

Don't forget

Life is delicate

And fragile

It could crumble any minute

And I've reached my limit

And I've grown beyond this shit

Now... so why resent the past

And all the lessons


Added flavor to my character

And transformed into blessings

Yes I am blessed

Yet I could choose to be

A stressed and depressed mess

It's a selfish way to live

consumed with self pity

And in the long run

No one

Holds the key to my freedom but me