Psychic Healings

by: Mystikka Jade

My true passion lies in my love of healing… and spirit has given me a unique way of performing healing work that comes very natural for me.

Viewing the vibrational emissions of the client, I see the auric field and the way the energetic structure of the soul is holding up in the midst of the emotional, mental and physical challenges it contends with. Energy blockages and imbalances can be seen and felt when empathically connecting with the seeker. With guided imagery meditation and creative visualization techniques, the seeker can flush out toxic energy at the quantum level as well as balance, neutralize, and harmonize energy patterns in the body and mind.

The quantum level is the bottom layer of energy that exists at the base of physical matter. Every structure of matter is composed of both infinite and finite material. When a scientist splits an atom, particles that are smaller such as electrons and quarks have a higher energy frequency than an atom. The deeper into the energetic makeup of a structure a scientist can venture into shows that the energy vibration of a molecule increases the smaller it gets. This presents a loophole to the idea that the bottom layer of the Universe (which cannot be tapped by science) is pure energy that permeates everything. This energy, which I call God, not only creates matter … but also creates matter with itself. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm…. An individual piece of a greater whole… we are children of God. This creative intelligence we exist as a part of, sustains all things and can be tapped into for healing purposes.

Healing energy is simply Divine Energy, and it interacts with the psyche and emotions very quickly and strongly. The body is denser, yet will benefit from the release of stress done through the psychic healing process. Psychic healings are not intended to target and cure disease though I strongly believe they can assist the process of healing in addition to a solid health regimen.

The imagery, energy work, affirmations, and psychic messages conveyed during healings all vary from person to person. I am spiritually guided to the needs of each unique caller.

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