The Creative Process

Magic is often in the invisible stages... yet it is always happening even when it seems as if it is not. To harness it, we must trust the creative process and know that everything is in Divine Order. All the information we need for our growth, healing and karmic resolution is at our fingertips. Willingness to face fear is the essential tool in unlocking Divine secrets. We are the entire Universe expressing itself at a single point. Follow up on inspiration, learn to be guided by the intuition, focus on creation and the manifestation process. Trust that Divine Action is NOW taking course. Everyone and everything we attract, we attract for a reason. We need these lessons as a part of our journey, not our destination. We have too many people to meet, lives to touch, ideas to create, places to go, words to write, pictures to paint, flowers to smell, journeys to take, etc. to dwell on any one person or thing that brings anything less than joy, peace, harmony and fulfillment into our lives.

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