Mystikka Jade (you can call me Mysti :-)) is obviously not my given name. I chose this name because it means The Enchanted Healer. I consider myself a psychic healer because in my work, I assist others in balancing their energy, which, in turn, begins to balance their lives. Everything starts from within. Thoughts are things.


HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Nutrition, collaborating with musicians, singing, metaphysics, art and writing... I enjoy creative expression in many forms.

AREAS OF RESEARCH: Meditation, Near Death Experiences, 12 Steps, psychology, psychic developement, astrology, tarot, dreams, hypnosis/altered states of consciousness, past life regression, NLP, and more.

FAVORITE BOOKS: "Second Sight," by Dr. Judith Orloff, "Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing," by Dr. Judith Orloff, "Embraced By The Light," by Betty J. Eadie, "Bridging Science and Spirit," by Norman Friedman, "The Holographic Universe," by Micheal Talbot, and "Quantum Healing," by Deepak Chopra

FUN NIGHT OUT: An open mic poetry reading at a local cafe, sushi with a friend at an authentic Japanese resteraunt, and live blues music afterward.

POLITICAL VIEWS: I would say I am highly liberal. I believe in freedom and truth. I am aware of many lies in the system, yet I do not take an active stance in the fight against them, other than making a conscious effort to be as true to myself as possible. In other words, marching at rallies and holding up signs does not strike me as a peaceful way to live my life. Yet... I respect all who fight for what they truly believe in.

RELIGIOUS VIEWS: There is no one way for everybody to live life. Many roads lead to the same eventual place. I have gained fabulous insights from many different perspectives and many different religions. If I had to pick a religion, it would be the religion of LOVE, or agape. I have my own relationship with what I call God, and to me, that is considered spirituality.

FAVORITE FOODS: Thai, Japanese, Indian, Medeteranian, and Raw Foods.

WHEN I'M NOT WORKING: I like to LAUGH and HAVE FUN! As much as I always enjoy a good heart to heart with a friend, just goofing around is also high on the list.

MUSICAL PREFERENCES: I enjoy a wide range of music. Some of my favorite bands/artists include: Fleetwood Mac (I love Stevie), Pink, Nelly Furtado, Alanis, The Art Bears (avant guarde), Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, and much more...

OTHER THINGS I LOVE: Dragons, tigers, butterflies, scented candles, Japanese writing, cats, bamboo plants, the full moon, unique jewlery, roses, well done, harmless pranks, hookahs, and a lot of other things....

I PREFER FRIENDS WHO: Speak and listen from the heart. Who are honest, authentic, open minded and real, people who don't BS me with phony, prozac-friendliness. They respect my boundaries. They find a balance between taking life too seriously and not taking it serious enough. They may join me for sushi, and be willing to try new things. They are spontaneous, conversational, and loving.

GOALS: To live my life authentically, to connect with more like minds, to continue to heal on every level and help others to do the same.

Peace and love to you,

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