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I am interested in clients who strive to walk a spiritual path. I appreciate when seekers accept the fact that their love interest is not their alpha and omega. If you are looking to conquer codependent love addictions and rise to new levels of personal power, I would be honored to read for you.

If you are interested in cultivating and developing your abilities as a psychic and a healer I can show you how to expand your skills. If you would like to deepen and strengthen your meditations, just let me know! I am working on setting up a special listing at a discounted rate for those who would enjoy a guided imagery meditation session by phone.

My abilities are strongest in the arenas of empathy, healing, spiritual development, and transmuting addictions. I have a passion for diet, nutrition and alternative medicine. I live for art in all its forms and am currently working on a couple of writing as well as graphic art projects.

I love conducting readings for those in alternative lifestyles. I am extremely open minded and refrain from making ‘moral’ judgments of any kind against my clients. Please feel free to tell me anything at all and I guarantee you I will not be shocked.

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