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Sacred Pearl Woman/ Karma/ Perspective/ Emergency/ Live To Live/ Pendulum/ Queen Of Darkness/ Ghost Lady/ How Much Can I Take/ Nut To Crack/ A song by Alanis/



Every fascinating person Iíve ever met

Has a sparkle in their eyes I wonít forget

Pearls of wisdom they have passed

And I wear the jewels

Every circumstance I can

Iíll give them to you

Most of my life, Iíd say

Broken dreams have been my stories

Yet every story has to end

To start a new beginning

Bless you because my heart is now

Open wide

Heavenís gates have opened up

To let me inside

Death is birth and birth is death

Itís just a transition

Live to live or live to die

Itís just a decision

I long to be like the stars in the sky

When I pass on, I wonder, who will cry?

When the sorrow leaves their hearts, so will the pain

From the things that I've passed on

What will remain?

Most of my life, Iíve been

Swimming in

Murky Waters

Though Iíve awakened in a spring

And found my new beginning