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Sacred Pearl Woman/ Karma/ Perspective/ Emergency/ Live To Live/ Pendulum/ Queen Of Darkness/ Ghost Lady/ How Much Can I Take/ Nut To Crack/ A song by Alanis/



This here is unresolved

We let our 'sacred' bond dissolve

It shattered

Burned to ashes, Scattered

Into the wind

With no conversation

Yet I heard

Through actions spoken louder than words

About your lack of willingness

To mend the situation

Phoniness is all that's real in you

There's no appeal in your truth

I was inspired by you

And still tired of you

Wired when I think I got fired by you

Kicked to the curb

Yet who's kicking who?

Disturbed by the bi polarity

Of your personality

Mood swings that sting me

I'm picking it up empathetically

Elation to devastation

Affection and infatuation

To apathy and ambivalence


To the pendulum that smacks me

In the head

When its swinging from both directions.