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Sacred Pearl Woman/ Karma/ Perspective/ Emergency/ Live To Live/ Pendulum/ Queen Of Darkness/ Ghost Lady/ How Much Can I Take/ Nut To Crack/ A song by Alanis/



The world is like a vat of quicksand

It's ways are like a treacherous vacuum

A mechanical consumer void of what I seek

Beautiful deception is a maze with many distorted

mirrors revealing false love in false places

Trickery snows the purest of minds

Shape shifting them into

Greedy lovesick impatient machines

Where's the love?

True love is unconditional acceptance

Your love is a hungry beast that kills

And I will not change for you

At times I wonder why I stepped into this role in this

drama of struggles and trauma and hardships and lies

And I wonder why I see what I see and I know what I

know and still, I am tapped on the shoulder by


The ways of the world make me sick

Hatred is rampant and spreads like disease that rots

the consciousness of man

And I am not untainted because I hate hatred

and therefore I have hate

Even in the midst of those who garnish me with


To them, it's love,

to me.... it's only another masquerade

Go ahead and saturate yourself in decadence

and put others down so you can feel, 'better than.'

When will they ever realize

None of their shit goes with them when they die?

The more they get the more they want- the more they

want- the more fucked up they become....

Greedy, impatient vultures

What on earth do you have to offer me

When I want nothing of this earth?

Can you truly blame me

If you see it from my perspective?