The Quest for Answers

by: Mysti Jade

The Universe is constantly changing, moving, and shifting, dancing with our decisions, molding to new circumstances that are created in each moment. It doesn’t necessarily conform to our will, yet it will adapt to our decisions and actions in its own mysterious way and shift with it’s own response.

Life is a dance of communication occurring on more levels that meets the human eye. Information is always being exchanged on subconscious or subtle levels between dimensions, or ‘planes’ of existence. When we seek answers from the other side in response to our questions, we are given these answers in various ways. Life answers us in very natural ways more so than ‘supernatural’ ways (yet in my perspective there is no difference between the natural and supernatural). Little coincidences occur that will nudge us in a certain direction. Sometimes we pay attention, other times we are too wrapped up in how we think the answers will come that we don’t notice when or how they are presented to us. Many times we want the answers in our own time and we do not wish to wait for Spirit’s response.

The Universe will also answer by granting us a spiritual gift of peace about a decision that makes a choice feel obvious and natural to us.

When we are in touch with ourselves and in harmony with the Universe, life is simple and we feel content regardless of external circumstances.

When we are confused in regard to certain life matters, many times we can benefit from obtaining guidance from someone who is emotionally detached from our situation as well as in touch with their own spiritual gifts. They can often see how and why we are ‘stuck’ in a state of confusion and what the solution would be. However, there is always information that cannot be seen by a psychic due to the unpredictability of free will. We all create our reality with our thoughts and decisions, and we have the power in each moment to choose a new path to walk in life. Each path has it’s own events, people and circumstances involved. Some people we will meet, places we will go, challenges we will face, and circumstances we will encounter no matter the paths we choose. Other situations are only a part of one or more paths that we may or may not choose to walk. Sometimes we choose for the best. Sometimes we choose for the worst. Sometimes we just choose different yet we always choose nonetheless.

Also, in certain cases there can be a protective 'veil' shielding the answer to our question in some kind of sacred universal shroud. The information is being kept ‘Top Secret’ in its own section of the Universal Databank. Some issues in life are best left unknown before they occur, as having full awareness of future events could psychologically and spiritually disable a person who is not prepared or equipped to know the information at a premature time. For our own highest good, no psychic can break through to the knowledge protected by this spiritual law. Therefore, regardless of what psychic is consulted, it is possible to question things and not get an immediate or accurate answer until The Spirit of the Universe decides it is time.

For all of the above reasons, at times I am asked a question in a reading and Spirit will inform me that the answer to that question is not to be known. The messages that Spirit will show me in cases of this nature can facilitate movement to the next level that they need to understand before moving to the desired answer. An analogy of this point would be to envision a first grader asking to understand algebra. Before they are able to grasp the concepts involved, they would first need to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Therefore, if someone calls me wanting to know algebra, they may get a lesson in addition. There are many components of the future that must be prepared for spiritually. Before you travel through a "college course" of life's experiences and lessons, there are basic courses and pre-requisites that must be studied, examined, acknowledged and even masterminded before learning new data.

In my quest for truth I have found that psychic development is only a fraction of spiritual development. Staying in tune requires regular meditation, nutritious foods, contact with nature, recording dreams, staying inspired on the spiritual path, and much more. We all have the ability to develop spiritually and psychically and obtain our own answers from the Universe. Without a spiritual regimen, extra senses become dull and fuzzy.

Spirit has prepared me through heavy and turbulent conditions in my own life to have patience, understanding, spiritual love, and tolerance that is as much of a gift as my ability to channel messages from Spirit.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

We will all be blessed through practicing the art of patience in our search for the answers.



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