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Sacred Pearl Woman/ Karma/ Perspective/ Emergency/ Live To Live/ Pendulum/ Queen Of Darkness/ Ghost Lady/ How Much Can I Take/ Nut To Crack/ A song by Alanis/



Intoxication is....

The silken coo of her voice

Blurring the boundaries between

thought and feeling

Dominance and Submission

The sweet potent aroma of her warmth radiates

From various places of sensuality

Seeping forth to wrap around me

like tentacles...

I am caressed by her light

And pulled into her comfortable den

Of familiarity

The ancient knowledge of our connection

rests in her gaze

Eternities of truths, passion, angst, ecstasy

Crying out to tease me with the love known

yet not expressed...

She is an empress, a goddess in her own right,

holding a pearl in the middle of her petals

I journeyed there once before to retrieve it...

Instead, I caressed it and left it in it's place...

and I told her,

with a flutter of an eyelash

That one day, I would return

To preserve her perfumed angel wings again

In a ritual of ecstatic soul level embraces....