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Love chemistry is definately a lot of people's heroin though...

~Mystikka - Author of the Love Crisis Survival Guide~

Whether you choose to stay in a current relationship, decide to move on, or continue to hold the torch for someone who is not in your life right now, you need a fresh start in order to heal your emotions and get what your heart really wants.

The Love Crisis Survival Guide will show you how to get your power back, regardless of the state your current relationship is in. Applying the protocols in this guidebook will help you to use that power to shift your love life into place.

Lower level strategies reinforce negative patterns in our love lives. Learn how to kick those useless patterns to the curb and tackle your relationship issues with a sharpened edge of power, wisdom and higher-level strategies that work! Master your love life, and most importantly, your emotions!

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Love Crisis Survival Guide