A Take On Transcendence

By: Mysti Jade

Just because we cannot see something, does that mean that it is not there?

In the world governed by the five senses and this time and space continuum, it is easy to be tricked by the logic. Logic, however, does not hold all the components to reality. The Omnipresence of the creative intelligence that I will refer to as God, cannot fit into the "box" of the intellect. However great the intellect is, God is greater. We humans attempt to map out our lives, figure out our future and control the flow thinking that somehow, we can do a better job of it than God. The truth is, through living in the analytical mind, we are getting in our own way. The mind chatter doesn’t let up easily. In the midst of those head conversations, the trick is, to find quiet! Spiritual leaders, teachers, and prophets from the beginning of recorded time have been talking about that quiet place inside where true wisdom speaks. It is called, ‘the silent level,’ 'the I AM presence,'‘the zero point,’ ‘intuition’ ‘theta consciousness’ or ‘the power of the present.’ There are so many labels and definitions and different ways to say the same thing. In actuality, the concept is simple. Yet, it is one of those things you can attempt to explain to someone until you are blue in the face, however, that will not do anyone any good. Spirituality is such a personal journey, a person only ‘gets it’ when that spiritual light bulb in their head clicks on to enlighten. They have to be ready and they have to be willing to see, hear, feel and confront all of the nasty little demons standing between them and that place of purity. That is what ‘transcendence’ is all about. It is about going through the muck to get to the light, much like a lotus blossom must bloom through the murky waters of the swamp to be kissed by the sun.

Of course, the ‘demons’ are the fears that we give our power to. One little fear starts as a thought, and the more we feed that thought, the more it grows and expands until it takes on form. What we focus our attention on, we do create.

I have seen spiritual arrogance pervade the metaphysical community (or any other kind of spiritually or religiously oriented groups for that matter) ever since I have come into contact with it. In fact, I have often found myself in the position of behaving in a spiritually arrogant manner. Thankfully, I do understand that, ‘the more we know the more we realize we don’t know.’ It is easy once we experience an awakening to fall into the trap of thinking that we have all the answers. It is essential in a spiritual walk to REMAIN TEACHABLE. The mind can be a double edged sword. It can work both for and against us. If we do not remain internally quiet so that we can listen to the subtle messages spirit is passing through us, we are allowing trains of wisdom and opportunity to pass us by. It does not matter how evolved we think we are. There is always room to grow. Remember this, and the ego will have less of an opportunity to interfere with the refinement of the spirit, its interaction with the human form and the way it relates to the world.


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